angela petrilli

 Angela Petrilli  modules (Dec'20)  

  • Intro to slide
  • Tone in the hands 
  •  How to prepare for a gig   
  • Intro to playing in the pocket 
  • Soloing as a conversation   
  • Building your brand on social media   


I have played guitar since I was in my teen years. I never had formal learning which limited how far I could play. Angela has brought such clarity to understanding the guitar and music theory that has greatly increased my ability and enjoyment of playing. Her lessons have direct application to improved playing! Thank you Angela!” -- Eric T. (Skype Student) 

As an absolute beginner to music/guitar, taking guitar lessons with Angela is an absolute pleasure and there is an excitement to practice with what she has taught. Angela explains in each of her lessons and the logic behind the lesson in a clear and detailed way that is logical, complete and comprehensive.  Angela makes learning the guitar fun but will also keep you accountable and honest with your technique. If I have any questions in between lessons, Angela responds promptly and encourages any additional questions to be asked.  I wish I had started lessons with her years ago!” -- Richard C. (Skype Student) 

As a guitar player of over 20 years including live and session experience, after already a few lessons Angela has helped me to hone in on exactly what I want to learn to help me truly find my own voice. She strikes the perfect balance among fostering creativity while teaching history, theory and technique, and harnessing soulful enjoyment of the instrument. I am privileged to be Angela’s student and look forward to continued growth and maturation as a blues and classic rock guitarist. And she’s a blast to play with!” -- Joel H. (Skype Student) 

"Angela Petrilli is a gifted musician with a lovely touch on both electric and acoustic guitars. The first session we did together involved cutting live rhythm section tracks with bass, drums, and guitars on four songs. We got everything done with enough time for overdubs and even a little backwards guitar solo tape experiment.” -- Chris Schlarb, Producer (Terry Reid, Mike Watt, Swamp Dogg)