Jennifer Batten

Jennifer Batten played guitar for Michael Jackson for 10 years followed by 3 years and 2 CD's with British guitar icon Jeff Beck. She's taught at Musicians Institute, performed and done workshops around the globe

Angela Petrilli

Growing up in a musical and artistic household, Angela first picked up the guitar at the age of 9 and quickly immersed herself in many styles of music. At 13 began studying under established Blues guitarist Jimmy Scott. Angela received a degree in Communication Studies from UCLA and interned at a local record company, working with artists including

Vicki Genfan

Vicki Genfan was the first and only woman ever to win Guitar Player Magazine’s 'Guitar Superstar Competition’. In addition to being a dazzling instrumentalist, playing her own percussive technique of slap-tap acoustic guitar, she is an award winning singer/songwriter with a distinctive style that pushes boundaries…

Gretchen Menn

Gretchen Menn once flew jets to support her six-string habit. She holds a BA in music from Smith College where she studied classical guitar under the tutelage of Phillip de Fremery. Her musical interests and inclinations span centuries and genres...

Daniele Gottardo

Steve Vai recently named Daniele his favorite up-and-coming guitarist:

“I’m often asked who is my favorite new young guitar player. Well, here he is: Daniele Gottardo. He’s Italian, and I have been following him for quite some time now. He has an elegant touch, stunning intonation, innovational style, and he honors the melody. Enjoy, and check out his new record Non Temperato for a real treat.” Steve Vai