david wallimann

David Wallimann modules (Feb'21)

  • Finding Your Hook - In this workshop, you will learn how to reconnect with your inner musician and bring out all the ideas that are inside of you through the guitar. You'll learn about the 4 main ingredients needed to craft the perfect melodic theme regardless of musical genre. This unconventional workshop promises to inspire you to play the way YOU are meant to play!


"Learning new concepts can be quite a challenge. It's easy to procrastinate or not even get started at all. If you can learn and have fun at the same time that is the best combo. David Wallimann has great way of teaching that keeps the 'play' in playing. Get ready to learn a lot and have fun in the process." -- Dweezil Zappa 

"David is a player who can teach - I'm mean REALLY teach. A rare combination to say the least." -- Chris Buono 

"Great play & Great teacher!" -- Oz Noy