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Guitar Cloud Symposium teaches deep creative concepts, innovative techniques, and targeted stylistic disciplines — all designed to nurture and empower guitarists who truly wish to advance their skills. Our modules feature renowned instructors sharing a vast range of experiences in a live, interactive online forum. GCS happens monthly and alternates between weekend-long and one-day "Deep Dive" sessions.

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Talented guitarists across the globe possess creativity, technique, and heart, but often lack knowledge in how to employ those traits when seeking to become a working entertainer. "Getting the Good Gigs" delivers strategies useful in finding work as an elite “hired gun” musician for established acts (on-tour or in-studio), and with highly-bookable cover and tribute acts.


  • Jennifer Batten lectures on “The Do's & Don'ts of Being a Hired Gun,” “Learning Songs with Peak Accuracy,” and “Effective Implementation of Guitar Effects”. 
  • Kat Dyson presents modules on “Surrender to the Music: Immersing Yourself in the Artist's Catalog,” “Researching Styles: Choosing the Right Gear and Crafting the Right Tone,” and “Being One with the Flow: Ensemble Playing, Listening to the Boss.”
  • Jason Fellman shares insights on “Music Business Fundamentals,” “Marketing Your Act/Cultivating a Fan Base,” “What Makes a Band ‘bookable?’”, and “Legal Matters.”
  • Mundo Juillerat explains the principles behind “The Working Guitarist,” “Getting into Production Shows (Theater, Corporate, Award, & Television Gigs)”, “Working with Composers & Sound Designers,” and “Recognizing Your Strengths and Making Them Work.”
  • Pete Thorn explains concepts that include “Get Out of Your Studio: Integrating into your Music Community,” “Passing the Audition, Positivity & Self Confidence,” and “Recording & Tone Tips.”


Guitar Cloud Symposium (GCS)™ is an online guitar workshop conceived by Jennifer Batten, one of the early graduates of Musicians Institute (MI). Jennifer performed with Michael Jackson for ten years and British Guitar icon Jeff Beck for three years, with decades of global touring experience. Through her versatility, creativity, and innovation, Jennifer continues to push the boundaries in performance and education.

GCS was inspired by a weekend Musicians Institute symposium that Batten attended (which resulted in her eventual application to enter the school).  In 2016, she toured the United States presenting her “Self Empowerment for the Modern Musician” seminar, which was jam-packed with content she wished SHE had been taught in music school and wants all musicians to know.  

Guitar Cloud Symposium is an extension of that seminar, vastly expanded by a wealth of knowledge & creative contributions from some of her favorite guitar players on the scene today.  Each edition is a smorgasbord of techniques, styles, wisdom, and fun!  Our instructors include Jennifer Batten, Nili Brosh, Vicki Genfan, Daniele Gottardo, Gretchen Menn, and Angela Petrilli, all offering insights gained from their personal experiences (onstage and in-studio) as well as musical subjects they're  passionate about. 



My mind is stuck on full buzz mode. 3 days of mind being blown!!! 💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 WOW!!! From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!!” - Randy Vertrees

GCS Members-Only Facebook Group, 2/22/21

How varied teaching music can be, how much you can learn in just ONE weekend, that was new, and it was very nice to experience. 👏👏🙏 Thank you! ” - Werner Bruck

Facebook, 2/22/21

GCS has had a profound impact on my life, in just over two shorts months so much has changed. Im grateful to have gotten to know so many wonderful, inspiring, creative souls. ” - Janina Jade Ohlson

Facebook Members-Only Group, 2/10/21

This was such an incredible weekend, so much good information and new connections made!” - Perry Dillard
Thank you so much for everything!! This was an amazing experience!! Lots of inspiration in every folder. Thank you for sharing your experience and your talent with us.” - Josue Moran
What a fantastic course this has been! I learned a ton and even more than I had hoped. Thanks Jennifer, Gretchen, Nili, & Vicki. I'm really excited about the BluGuitar Amp [I won]. Can't wait to try it out and showcase it soon.” - Andrew Matthews
Before March 2020, I never thought it could be possible to live a golden experience like this. It is wonderful how music (and internet lol) connects us all together. I feel enormously grateful for meeting all of you teachers and students at Guitar Cloud Symposium.” - Ilse Gudiño
The GCS Symposium was super inspiring! I made this 3-ring binder for all the documents provided by our gifted teachers. (Okay, it's nerdy, but it will be the basis for my new 1-year practice plan after decades of being an occasional guitar picker).” - Joel Weddington