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Guitar Cloud Symposium (GCS)™ is the brainchild of Jennifer Batten, one of the early graduates of Musicians Institute (MI). Known for her versatility, creativity, and innovation, Jennifer continues to push the boundaries in performance and education. Jennifer performed with Michael Jackson for ten years, followed by three years performing with British Guitar icon Jeff Beck, and has toured the globe for decades.  She has four CD’s, and three instructional DVD’s available.  

One of Jennifer’s fondest memories is of attending a weekend symposium M.I. hosted that resulted in her applying for entrance into the school.  In 2016 she toured the United States, presenting her “Self Empowerment for the Modern Musician” seminar, which was jam-packed with content she wished SHE had been taught in music school and wants all musicians to know.  

GCS is an extension of that live touring seminar, vastly expanded by the wealth of knowledge and creativity of some of her favorite guitar players on the scene today.  The Symposium is a virtual smorgasbord of techniques, styles, wisdom, insights, and fun!  It’s the product of its teachers’ collective desire to connect with and teach guitar players around the globe.  Jennifer Batten, Angela Petrilli, Vicki Genfan, and Gretchen Menn offer a wealth of knowledge from their experiences onstage and in the recording studio, and from their years of sharing musical subjects they are passionate about.  They all find helping guitar players gain new insights and attain new levels of personal musical growth both exciting and fulfilling.