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Kay Dyson


The Koch-Marshall Trio

It is not a stretch to say that Milwaukee native Greg Koch is one of the most famous unknown guitar players in the world. His fierce creative spirit and crazed sense of fun fused with a tremendous degree of versatility has made him an island of six-stringed mirth in a sea of guitar warlords.

Prashant Aswani

Guitar virtuoso PRASHANT ASWANI just wants you to listen to the music. And as you will soon discover, his music speaks volumes for itself.

In the studio and as a live musician, Prashant's voice on the guitar is one of a kind. Fans and fellow musicians alike seek him out in hopes of duplicating his technique and tone, but its winning combination is inimitable. Audiences are mesmerized by his unique groove and the skill, passion and spontaneity with which he plays. A guitarist of Prashant's caliber is a rare breed.

Past & Future Instructors

Pete Thorn


Mundo grew up on the island of Oahu, Hawaii surrounded by Polynesian music because his mother, aunty, and cousins were in Hula and Tahitian dance troupes. He started playing ukulele, then guitar and the Toeti’ (tahitian log drum) in various Hawaiian shows by the age of thirteen. Mundo graduated with honors from Guitar Institute of Technology, and has also studied Flamenco guitar with Phillip Amundson, Bruce Conte (Tower of Power), jazz master Joe Lano, and gypsy jazz artist Andreas Oberg.

Nili Brosh



Tay attended the Institute of Audio Research in NYC as a way to combine her love of music &  electronics to became a professional audio engineer. She is the creator of the StackIt Gobo System for professional recording studios and founder of Taytrix Productions.


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2010 Official Texas State Musician Sara Hickman has been recording, performing and touring since 1988. Through broad television and radio exposure, massive touring, over 20 albums, a successful career---including hosting VH-1, two appearances on the Tonight Show and multiple awards for her songwriting and philanthropy.

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“Jeff is our swiss army knife.  He can play or sing anything.” --Keb Mo.

Jeff Paris is a notable songwriter and vocalist and is accomplished on keyboards, guitars, mandolin, bass, accordion and harmonica.  He toured, wrote, and recorded with multi-Grammy award winner Keb’ Mo and he’s had over 120 songs placed with various recording artists. He taught songwriting techniques and guitar at Los Angeles Music Academy, currently teaches Voice at the Academy of Music for the Blind


Visually and musically, Tom is the most compelling presence to emerge in the singer-songwriter genre as I've seen in a long time.—Jim Bessman, Billboard

A year ago Tom Prasada-Rao wrote $20 Bill (for George Floyd), of which Peter Blackstock of the Austin American Statesman said: “song of the year probably – I mean this is a song Bob Dylan should cover”.  It has since been covered over 200 times