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Lukather's new book and Autobiography

We're so excited that Toto's Steve Lukather agreed to join our wrap party for our April 16-19 GCS event. It's going to be a blast.  His new CD "I Found The Sun Again" is killer and mostly first take. Not…

Guitar Cloud Symposium March 2021 Preview

Our March Deep Dive "Getting The Good Gigs" instructors pow-wow to talk about how the next Guitar Cloud Symposium could change your life as it relates to performing and getting booked! Here's a preview of all the things JENNIFER BATTEN,

The Greatest Super Bowl Halftime Show EVER!!

Guitar Cloud Symposium founder Jennifer Batten was Michael Jackson's touring guitarist from 1987 to 1997, performing on ALL THREE of The King Of Pop's world tours. That happens to include the greatest 15 minutes of entertainment EVER recorded on sports'…

A GCS Country Music Module?

We always have new & interesting things in the works to share with the global Guitar Cloud Symposium community and here's one of the one's were working on for the April edition: Country Music. That includes some elements of folk…

Jennifer makes the "Best Female Guitarists of All Time" list

Guitar Cloud Symposium gets a mention in Positive Grid's blog :

Catapulted into fame in the late 1980’s when she became Michael Jackson’s touring guitarist (aka, the woman who could play Eddie Van Halen’s solo in “Beat It”), Jennifer Batten…

GCS Jan'21 Deep Dive Preview

Guitar Cloud Symposium instructors Jennifer Batten, Jude Gold, Vicki Genfan, and Gretchen Menn gather on Zoom to discuss the upcoming GCS Deep Dive on January 16th!