Best GCS Event to date. Steve Lukather was icing on a massive cake


   There was so much great information shared within the 16 modules of guitar education last weekend, we're still buzzing! Greg Koch broke down details of his killer slide guitar technique in standard tuning and inspired us all! But that was only after another new face to GCS - Mundo Juillerat wowed us all with his intro to Gypsy jazz guitar modules. Immediately one of our cherished alumni - Elisa Miconi learned his etude for the class and recorded, filmed it, and posted it in our GCS Members Only page! That was super impressive Elisa, and such a great swing groove to boot!  Other highlights were Vicki Genfan's newest classes on adding vocals to your guitar playing and options for effectively amplifying an acoustic guitar. MORE BELOW.

Photo: Steve Lukather, Jennifer Batten, Greg Koch, Mundo Juillerat, Vicki Genfan

     Our resident wizard - Daniele Gottardo was great at breaking down every little detail of emotive techniques (bending, vibrato, hammering, tapping, hybrid picking). Gretchen Menn showed us a pathway to applying the  inspiration you get from the music you love to your own playing, as well as offering an intro to improv.  Jennifer Batten shared samples from her hired gun recording sessions and gave insights into the thinking behind her recording choices, as well as an intro to chord melody understanding via Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road".  All classes were supported by folders of pdf's and/or video.  

     Getting to hang out with such a guitar legend as Steve Lukather was a blessing and funny as hell!  He is such a character and next level talented. He's helped to sonically paint the backdrop to  our lives on thousands of songs. Lucky students!


Our Presenting Sponsor Positive Grid 

 continues to support us and is sending a brand new Spark Amp to  our new student Karl Scheer. Congrats Karl! 

     Fishman Transducers has given 5 lucky students a Fishman clip-on tuner. (Greg Koch, Vicki Genfan, and Jennifer Batten are Fishman gear users)  Audix USA offered a new A131 mic for guitar cabs and acoustic miking uses ($399 value!) Congrats Joe Reyes!  Stage Ninja continues to offer 5 of their super useful smart phone clamps at our events.

     Luna Guitars gave away another of their Gypsy exotic black/white/ebony Grand Concert Acoustic-electric Guitars (congrats Wanda!). Tonewood Amps gave away one of their revolutionary acoustic guitar amps (Congrats Leighton!). G7th Capos gave away 3 more of their popular capos, gave away 5 codes to their incredible Transcribe! app, BluGuitar gave 4 t-shirts,  4 students will receive a Lock-It guitar strap, and 1 student gets a slick ergonomic RockSlide brand glass slide.

     All students are given a 3 pick sampler pack by our new sponsor Anatomy of Sound picks, a 90 day All Access pass to, a high end pure virgin copper Cordial cable and t-shirt, and a folder full of high resolution backing tracks by our sponsor

Thanks as always Taytrix gobos for their continued support with tech behind the scenes!

Next events: May 15 Beginners Bootcamp

June 18-20: Next weekend GCS with Jude Gold (Capos and his Slap tap harmonics for electric guitar) and much more TBA

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