Jennifer makes the "Best Female Guitarists of All Time" list

Guitar Cloud Symposium gets a mention in Positive Grid's blog :

Catapulted into fame in the late 1980’s when she became Michael Jackson’s touring guitarist (aka, the woman who could play Eddie Van Halen’s solo in “Beat It”), Jennifer Batten has proven over the years she is much more than the late King of Pop’s on-stage foil. Recording three stunning solo albums and appearing as Jeff Beck’s co-guitarist on his Who Else! (1999) and You Had it Coming (2001) albums, she is also one of our most gifted soloists, male or female. 

Her online Guitar Cloud Symposiums have become legendary, and she was also recently inducted into Guitar Player magazine’s Gallery of the Greats. If you want to see what all the buzz is about, check out Batten’s blistering take on “The Flight of Bumblebee,” and prepare to be stung by this top female guitarist!

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