Lukather's new book and Autobiography

We're so excited that Toto's Steve Lukather agreed to join our wrap party for our April 16-19 GCS event. It's going to be a blast.  His new CD "I Found The Sun Again" is killer and mostly first take. Not too many players can pull THAT off!

I so strongly recommend to all students to also listen to his audiobook of his autobiography "The Gospel According to Luke".  It's such a strong insightful account of his amazing life.

We're also super excited with the talented new faces joining our session; The amazing Gristle Man himself - Greg Koch, will be showing us his standard tuning slide techniques and sharing insights on getting killer tone!


Mundo Juillerat of "The Hot Club of Las Vegas" and theatre show vet from the "La Reve" and Mama Mia shows, is going to dive into some Gypsy Jazz techniques.


Register NOW.  You never know when or if this line up will be with us again!

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