Our 1st Ever Beginner Bootcamp!

We got a great crowd from around the globe to join us from various time zones for our first ever Beginner Bootcamp.  Jennifer Batten, Vicki Genfan, Gretchen Menn, and Daniele Gottardo presented easy to digest elements of entry level guitar techniques - from how to hold a pick, to basic rhythm, fingerpicking, and strumming, to reading TAB, chord graphs, learning the notes on the neck, and learning HOW to learn optimally (via the latest in brain science)!  And to boot, students learned to play "Billie Jean", "Love Me Do", "Whole Lotta Love", and "Deuce".

A HUGE bonus to all Beginner Bootcamp students is a follow up FREE 10 week video course courtesy of Adam Roach's BecomeAGuitaristToday.com website and podcast.  Thank you Adam!

People often ask what level they need to be at to attend our symposiums (which morph and change monthly re: content, instructors, and special guests). Although anyone can pick up a lot of useful information and technique insights regardless of where their skill level on guitar is during our events, it would really benefit you to at least know the notes on the neck, basic open chords, and know how to read basic TAB.

We meet on Zoom. GCS is LIVE and interactive. There are plenty of downloadable support materials given after each event (pdf's, graphs, video, audio). 

 If you missed us in May and are a beginner, consider signing up with "Become a Guitarist Today" to lock in your foundation to be able to get the most out of our epic weekend events!  If your basics are looking pretty good...Come join us June!



Click here for help learning the notes on the neck

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