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     In this 3rd Guitar Cloud Symposium wrap party, we begin with a Symposium explanation prior to introducing Laura Whitmore, the Wonder Woman behind the "She Rocks Awards". She doubles as VP of marketing with our presenting sponsor POSITIVE GRID. Laura joined us to give away the coolest Christmas present ever (A Spark Amp) to our new student Julio Rivera! Enjoy Julio! 

     We were also able to give away many other gifts via our very generous sponsors (next) and at the bottom. *Note-this live stream was one hour. Steve Vai joins at the end but the live stream was cut off as this was our gift to students only, and made private. February's special guest will be Dweezil Zappa. 

AUDIX gave away an i5 mic (which I adore) and a Cab Grabber 

FISHMAN gave 10 clip on tuners (I use their TriplePlay wireless midi system and Fluence pickups) gave $100 gift certificate and many t-shirts with various killer graphic designs 

STAGE NINJA gave away 5 super sturdy smart phone clamps that work great for clamping anywhere including your headstock for great filming angles 

KAT DYSON (Prince, Lauper, Zucchero) was next up as she has been the guitarist in the SLAMMIN' "She Rocks Awards" house band "Rock Sugah" lead by bassist Divinity Rocks, for several years. 

Joining in the second half of this hour were: NILI BROSH who recently returned from recording a new CD with DANNY ELFMAN, 

JUDE GOLD (Los Angeles Guitar Player Mag editor, Jefferson Starship guitarist, host of the "No Guitar Is Safe" podcast). Jude will join us Jan 16 teaching elements of Eddie Van Halen's style. Jude was one time guitarist for the VH Tribute band "Hot for Teacher". 

DAVID WALLIMANN - fabulous guitarist, music instructor, and the man behind the website and DavidWallimann YouTube channel (, is giving away a folder of cool high res backing tracks to all students. David will be teaching with us in our Feb 19-22 symposium along with Nili Brosh, and SNARKY PUPPY'S MARK LETTIERI . 

Other guests to join this evening were the ridiculously talented LARI BASILIO, and our core instructor staff during our Dec symposium; GRETCHEN MENN, DANIELE GOTTARDO, VICKI GENFAN, AND ANGELA PETRILLI 

Other amazing sponsor giveaways: 

CORDIAL CABLES offered 10 high end virgin copper cables and T-shirts 

LUNA GUITARS gave away a Gypsy Spalt acoustic guitar 

TONEWOOD AMPS gave one of their revolutionary designed acoustic guitar amps 

OMG MUSIC LLC gave 5 LOCK-IT guitar straps, a ROCK SLIDE (ultra-comfortable slide with an ergonomic finger rest and knuckle-relief cut) , and 8 packs of Rotosound strings 

SEVENTH offered up 5 free codes to their TRANSCRIBE app-the ultimate way to learn music (slow down, loop, eq, karaoke mode, pitch change etc) 

GUITARPLAYBACK.COM offered all students a download folder of high res backing tracks to jam with TRUEFIRE.COM offered students a 90 day All Access pass to all courses on their site from Jennifer Batten and Vicki Genfan to Steve Vai, Robben Ford, Andy Timmons, and a huge list of others.

Oct 5 Positive Grid presents Guitar Cloud Symposium. COME JAM your way to a free scholarship to our December 11-14 event! Fill out the form to get your Vicki Genfan backing track to jam with. Instructors ; Daniele Gottardo, Vicki Genfan, Jennifer Batten, Gretchen Menn, Angela Petrilli. 24 subjects, 18 hours, 4 instructors, Virtual jams, Break out rooms, Q&A's, pdfs, videos, backing tracks, and sponsor give aways. Special guest during our wrap party; Steve Vai

Oct 31 See our own GCS instructor Angela Petrilli spill her guts on this Audioslave track at Sunset Sound. Register now to get her instruction on marketing in our "Create Your Own Album" event Sat Nov 14 presented by POSITIVE GRID 


OCT 28




Oct 23 - How cool is this?! GCS instructor Jennifer Batten made Guitar World's top 15 list of  "The Best All-Star Guitar-Teachers"!  Come see what the fuss is all about with the next Guitar Cloud Symposium offering. "Deep Dives" Sat Nov 14. 

Oct 21 - Positive Grid presents Guitar Cloud Symposium's newest offering called "Deep Dives"!  We launch on Saturday November 14 for an 8 hour deep dive into "Making Your Own Album" See schedule for details and register today!

Oct 18 - Check out our wrap party after 4 days of fun, with special guests Daniele Gottardo, Nili Brosh and Andy Timmons!



Oct 16 We launched GCS #2 today. It's so fun to meet all the newcomers from around the globe.  Seeing all of the eager students fires us up! Put on your seat belts. Saturday morning we're off to the races with our 24 modules of music and guitar content.  We'll be live streaming our  Monday wrap party at 4pm Pacific time Monday Oct 19


Oct 14

Greetings guitar monsters!  See who has won the scholarships to our Guitar Cloud Symposium starting up this Friday Oct 16th! 

Our presenting sponsor Positive Grid has sponsored 3 scholarships. Although it was difficult to choose one potential student over another, we're happy to announce the following winners: 

  • Lisa Evans 
  • Mildred Pika (from Suriname South America) 
  • Elpis Wagbe 

Cordial Cables USA has offered a scholarship to 

  • Eric Widitz 

Audix microphones

  • Greg Montgomery

  • Erdwin García Hernández

And two of our August alumni students have stepped up generously to offer the following scholarships 

  • Brian Vegas (sponsored by Werner Goertz) 
  • Lisa Evans (sponsored by Perry Dillard) 

We're down to the wire now with hours leading up to our second Guitar Cloud Symposium. There is still a little room if you'd like to join the fun. Register here.



The loss of Eddie Van Halen Tuesday is felt deeply across the guitar universe. No guitarist has had such a wide reaching influence in decades. It wasn’t just his ground breaking soloing techniques, but his song writing, tone, rhythm playing, and advanced sense of time, to his creativity in clothing, video concepts, and guitar mods and decoration that carved his place in history. And of course his ever present smile when he played was infectious to the millions that were inspired by him. 

Instead of our planned focus for our Facebook Live last Tuesday, we switched gears to talk about Van Halen; archived here + Jennifer Batten’s Eddie Van Halen “Beat It” solo breakdown  

Positive Grid presents Guitar Cloud Symposium. We're fired up about experimenting with our new Spark amps and will be sharing videos soon. Early bird discount to Guitar Cloud Symposium Oct 16-19 ends Friday night at midnight Pacific time, so don’t delay and $ave! REGISTER NOW! 

And ... we'd like to announce 2 Positive Grid scholarship winners; Evelyn Haaheim, from Phoenix, and from the country of Suriname in South America - Mildred Pika. Congrats ladies! 

Give aways from our amazing sponsors: 

In addition to the smorgasbord of 24 guitar modules from our instructors; Jennifer Batten, Gretchen Menn, Angela Petrilli, and Vicki Genfan, here are some prizes our attendees could win! 

• The Spark amp!! This new next level smart practice amp released last year has become the talk of the town, and our presenting sponsor Positive Grid is sending us one for a lucky winner.  PLUS all other GCS attendees will get a 10% discount code! 

• Audix: A140 headphones. These are a hot new item that have been in development for 2 years!! 

• Fishman: Clip on guitar tuners 

• Sweetwater: Someone will win a $100 gift certificate to! You may also win cool T-shirts, and other fun Sweetwater swag! 

• Stage Ninja: Über handy and very sturdy smart phone clamps 

• Luna Guitars: Gorgeous Fauna Phoenix guitar 

• Tonewoodamp: One lucky student will win an acoustic Tonewoodamp 

• BluGuitar: BluBox 16 IR speaker cabinets emulator 

• SeventhString: Transcribe app codes 

• Lock-It: Four students will receive Lock-It guitar straps. 

• Cordial Cables: ALL STUDENTS will receive a Cordial copper core cable ($100 value) 

• ALL STUDENTS will receive a 90-day all access pass to (over 40k courses) 

• GuitarPlayback: ALL STUDENTS will receive high resolution backing tracks 


Our special guest for this Symposium is the crazy talented Andy Timmons! Students will get to hang out with him and ask questions during our Monday night wrap party! 

Register now!

Oct 5 Positive Grid Scholarship winners will be announced on Friday! It was truly difficult to pick people from the emails we received, so we'll hold on to your stories for future symposiums.  Nobody from around the globe is left out for consideration. All you need is decent wifi access to join our Zoom symposium Oct 16-19. Discount tickets end Friday at midnight!


Sept 27 We are thrilled to announce that Positive Grid is our October, November and December presenting sponsor!  Check out our instructor Gretchen Menn's demo of the new Spark Amp by Positive Grid!!


Sept 23 - The latest amazing sponsor giveaway to announce is a Tonewood Amp! One lucky student will win during our Oct 16-19 Symposium!  Check out Vicki Genfan's amp demo. This is a revolutionary design for acoustic guitars. Register now and $ave!

Hear a little sample of the chill side of GCS. Vicki's percussion, Jennifer's bendy whammy, Gretchen's harmonics, and Angela's slide work are all module's we'll be teaching in Oct.

October 16-19 Symposium sponsors joining us will be Fishman (Jennifer is doing a new module in intro to guitar synth), Luna Guitars (they'll be giving away a Luna Fauna Phoenix guitar),  Transcribe app, Taxtrix, Lock-It straps, Cordial Cables (stand by for killer give aways announcement), & David Wallimann.

24 subjects, 18 hours, 4 instructors, Virtual jams, Break out rooms, Q&A's, pdfs, videos, backing tracks, and sponsor give aways. Special guest Andy Timmons. The line up for October is Angela Petrilli, Vicki Genfan, Gretchen Menn, & Jennifer Batten Save $50 until Oct 9. REGISTER NOW

GCS Store is open!

Sept 5

Instructor line up and special guest for Oct 16-19

REGISTRATION is now open for the October 16 - 19 Symposium with Angela Petrilli, Gretchen Menn, Jennifer Batten, and Vicki Genfan.  Symposium version 2.0 will incorporate break out rooms for more quality time with each instructor.  Our special guest for the Monday celebration party is the amazing Andy Timmons!

Aug 31

GuitarCloudSymposium shop is now open!


Aug 20,2020

Come see some of the big FUN we had at the GuitarCloudSymposium dot com wrap party! Happy students and killer sponsor support and give aways!  Thanks to our special guest - the über talented Scott Henderson (Chick Corea/Joe Zawinul). To see full size_ CLICK


AUG 12, 2020

What an amazing maiden voyage of GCS we had!  I was SO thankful nothing failed with the tech! I took a webinar on how to give a webinar months ago, and they had servers crash for two and a half hours!  Thanks so much to Alan Wheeler (our Zoom tech) making sure everyone was up to speed on Zoom settings to have an optimal experience well in advance. Thanks also to Clem Cranston (drummer extraordinaire for Zepparella) for being an EXCELLENT chat moderator and helping make sure questions were answered. And special thanks to Tay Hoyle for helping us through all the tech learning curves with many hours of testing sound, lights, and screen shares.

We received many unprovoked testimonials, some of which I put up on the ticket page.  Several students thought the ticket price was low compared to what they received out of the four days, and compared to other guitar camps they'd attended previously. We thought during the pandemic that it was extra important to keep it affordable!

During the celebration party Monday, Crystal B made us all smile with her over the top shocked reaction for winning the gorgeous Vista Eagle model Luna guitar.  We hope that new guitar can take you to a new universe Crystal!  And 17 year old Andrew will soon be the proud owner of the amazing Amp1 Mercury by BluGuitar. We're pretty sure this 3 pound 100 watt, 4 channel, tube driven monster will be your new best friend and back saver for all of the local jams your doing, and then on to stadiums before long!

Other winners; Perry Dillard won the Audix i5 and Michael LeJeune won the Audix CabGrabber. Taxtrix kindly sent 4 recording Gobos to Lynn Frances Anderson, and 6 custom GCS G7th capos went to Stephen, Dan, Josue, Ilse, Andrew. offered all students a 90 day All Access pass to their entire catalog of courses by such guitar monsters as Robben Ford, Steve Vai and Andy Timmons!  What's not to love?

Our initial 30 students was a good number and allowed everyone to be able to interact with the instructors and each other. We've got plans to take that to the next level in October:-)

It was the BOMB to have the über talented Scott Henderson join our Monday celebration with so many inspiring insights from his musical perspective and years on the stage and in the studio with the likes of Chick Corea and Joe Zawinul.

From all the instructors; Gretchen Menn, Nili Brosh, Vicki Genfan and myself...thank you so much for attending our maiden voyage! There's no telling how this idea will grow in the future!  And we're beyond appreciative of the 13 amazing sponsors that supported us!



You can now see a bit deeper into each of the wonderful GCS sponsors and the generous give aways for students in this 5 minute video:  GCS sponsors

The über talented tone god Scott Henderson (Chick Corea/Joe Zawinul) will be joining our Monday party Aug 10!

If you missed any of the teasers of us playing a bit of what we'll be teaching:

Jennifer Batten

Nili Brosh

Vicki Genfan

Gretchen Menn

It's getting close now!  Wednesday students will check in with our Zoom tech, and Friday we're off and running with live Q&A and orientation. Saturday and Sunday will be the main content focus of all those subjects (24) we're so passionate about teaching, and Monday is the celebration cocktail party and any further Q&A.


We're so excited that the following companies are supporting our efforts in many ways. BluGuitar is giving away one of their sought after Mercury amps. 100 watts, tube driven, midi capable and less than 3 pounds. It's a revolutionary design and back saver. $799 value.  Jennifer was their first customer 5 years ago.  Lock-It guitar straps has offered a variety of 25 of their finest spring locking straps. G7 capos is custom engraving the GCS logo for 6 lucky students.  Luna guitars is giving away a gorgeous Vista Eagle guitar, and Tonewood is offering students a $25 discount on their amp everyone is talking about. And new update: has offered all students a free 90 day membership to their entire catalog. All you can consume!

This is all so COOL and more than we could have imagined!


Be sure to catch our Wednesday live stream with Brad Wenkos from archived here:

Facebook and YouTube.


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