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More than 1000 guitars have been sold daily during the pandemic. Let us show you how to get started correctly with our LIVE LIVE LIVE interactive modules in basic chords, how to hold a pick, basic rhythm, reading TAB, notes on the neck. Finish the day having 4 songs to show off with! PLUS Adam Roach of is offering every student a follow up of 10 weeks of free video lessons!

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It gets more exciting every time we host one of these events! The instructor talent pool is growing. In this session we offer everything from Beastly Blues phrasing to chicken pickin', to acoustic opening tunings, learning science, hybrid picking, and some surprising specialty techniques. Download the schedule below for details on the 2nd page. Our June special guest is Robben Ford.

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Satriani, Van Halen, Christian, Beck. We had so much fun unlocking the styles of guitar heroes in January, we're bringing it back and adding Joe Satriani (Dave Martone) and Charlie Christian (Daniele Gottardo). We're bringing back Jeff Beck (Jennifer Batten) and Eddie Van Halen (Jude Gold) with new material since January.

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