SCHEDULE Dec 11-14 gcs

Dec 11-14 Guitar Cloud Symposium pdf Our holiday season GCS offers a very lucky Q&A period with none other than the great Steve Vai during our Monday wrap party! Vai says of our newest instructor Daniele Gottardo; "He has an elegant touch, stunning intonation, innovational style, and he honors the melody." Returning instructors are Jennifer Batten (recently honored with Guitar World Magazine's top 15 list of "The Best All-Star Guitar Teachers"), Gretchen Menn, Vicki Genfan, and Angela Petrilli 600 KB

guitar Cloud Symposium instructors dec 11-14

 Dec 11-14 Guitar Cloud Symposium 

Instructor line up: Jennifer Batten, Angela Petrilli, Vicki Genfan, and Gretchen Menn, Daniele Gottardo.  (See subjects below.) 

The Symposium begins on Friday December 11 at 4:00 p.m. Pacific time, (7:00 p.m. EST, 12:00 a.m. UK, 1:00 a.m. Europe) with an orientation, introductions, and Q&A for 2 hours.  

The main event will run 7 hours and 45 min daily on Saturday and Sunday, concluding with a Monday post event gathering celebration of sponsor giveaways and a student Q&A with special guest Steve Vai.  

 (Past guests included Andy Timmons and Scott Henderson.) 

Students are invited to join our Members Only Facebook Community and are eligible for exciting sponsor giveaways. 

We will meet via Zoom. A link will be sent during the week of the event.  

Teaching Subjects

Jennifer Batten subjects:     

  • Brain science. Optimal learning techniques.    
  • Using Transcribe software to make your music learning fast, efficient, and effective    
  • Tremolo bar and Whammy pedal techniques    
  •  Intro to simple video shooting/editing
  • Intervallic playing   
  • Intro to guitar synth

 Angela Petrilli  subjects:    

  • Intro to Slide - "Tone in the hands"
  •  Intro to Hybrid Picking  
  • How to prepare for a gig 
  • Soloing As a Conversation  
  • Building your Brand on Social Media  
  • "Online and Real Life:" Being a Well Rounded Musician


    gcs Teaching modules dec 11-14

     Vicki Genfan subjects:    

    • Open Tunings: Part 1 - The Diatonic Chords 
    • Open Tunings: Part 2 - The Songs 
    • Percussive techniques for (mostly) acoustic guitar 
    • Creating great arrangements (for singer-songwriters or instrumentalists) 
    • "Whole Body Rhythm" - building a daily practice 
    • Goals and Visions; Bringing focus & flexibility into your everyday practice routine


    Gretchen Menn subjects:  

    • Visualizing the fretboard part 2 (applied E-G system) 
    • Fundamentals of theory 
    • Techniques for playing Jimmy Page; slide, bow, open tuning, double stops 
    • Alternate picking

    Daniele Gottardo subjects

    • Sweep Picking
    • Intro to Chordal Tapping


    Student Testimonials

    "Thank you all so very much for such an incredible symposium.  I never dreamt I would have the opportunity to learn from you all and ask you questions in person".  Amanda E. (Auckland, New Zealand)

    "Thank you for putting on such an amazing symposium!!  This was one of the best and well organized I have yet attended.  I can’t stop playing after this weekend and I am so excited to receive my Luna guitar and Lock-It strap!"

    Crystal B. (Denver, Colorado)

    "This was truly an extraordinary event and you all were fantastic, every one.  I feel  blessed to have been in your company, you all are extraordinary  musicians and wonderful people. I hope you do many more in the future!"  

    Dan M. (Boulder, Colorado)

    "Thanks for such an inspiring weekend!  I’m already making more progress on guitar 🎸 than I’ve made in a long time!"  Thea K. (Maplewood, New Jersey)

    "Before March 2020, I never thought it could be possible to live a golden experience like this.  It was a level one organization!  It is wonderful how music (and internet lol) connects us all together.  It doesn't matter where we live or the language we speak, music is a universal language.   I feel enormously grateful for meeting all of you teachers and students at Guitar Cloud Symposium.  Thank you so much for sharing your stories, your experience and knowledge, I'm so looking forward to GCS 2".   Ilse G. (Mexico City)

    "Thanks so much! I had a fantastic time and learned even more than I had hoped".   Andrew  M. (Portland, Oregon), Winner of BluGuitar Amp1 Mercury

    "Thank you so much for everything!! This was an amazing experience!!! Lots of inspiration in every folder. Thank you for sharing your experience and your talent with us".   Josue M. (Mexico City, Mexico)

    "The GCS Symposium was super inspiring!  Count me in for GCS2 at any price - this was an incredible deal".  Joel W.  (Lathrop, California)


    Learning from JENNIFER BATTEN:  "I like how she explains things. Not talking 100 miles an hour.  Just letting you absorb things".  Lee H. 

    Learning from VICKI GENFAN:  "Her teaching method is organized and progressive, giving the unfamiliar student a practical method for learning and developing these skills. I thoroughly enjoyed her class".  Sheri M. 

    Learning from ANGELA PETRILLI:  “I have played guitar since I was in my teen years. I never had formal learning which limited how far I could play. Angela has brought such clarity to understanding the guitar and music theory that has greatly increased my ability and enjoyment of playing. Her lessons have direct application to improved playing! Thank you Angela!”   Eric T. 

    Learning from GRETCHEN MENN:  "This is really great instruction, and I really appreciate your approach to music and that you can break music down into bite sized chunks".  Kevin Y.

    I've been taking lessons with DANIELE GOTTARDO for around a year and I learn a huge amount with every lesson. His knowledge of harmony is second to none! Combined with a first class tapping technique, everyone can learn something from him" Joseph Barnes