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Guitar Cloud Symposium is an interactive online guitar camp featuring renowned instructors sharing a vast range of experiences & techniques. GCS happens monthly, alternating between weekend-long and one-day "Deep Dive" sessions.

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Guitar Cloud Symposium, February 2021


  • Tremolo Bar & Whammy Pedal: Learn through examples and close up cameras how Jennifer uses these tools to enhance expression and nuance through melodic ideas
  • Tapping: Jennifer will split this session between a beginners approach to single line two hand tapping using the common A minor pentatonic scale as well as breaking down concepts used in her recordings of “Flight of the Bumblebee” and “Giant Steps".
  •  Intervallic Playing 2.0: After playing examples of the difference in sound between standard smaller intervallic playing and larger intervals, she’ll offer ideas of making your playing more interesting by adding larger intervallic skips


  •  Aspects of Melodic Soloing: presented in 3 parts


  •  Percussive techniques 2.0:

    Deepen your acoustic guitar groove and bring out your 'inner drummer'.   Vicki will break down her signature percussive techniques as well as a few others from players like Jon Gomm, Andy McKee, and the late Eric Roche. 

  • Jamming in Open D 

    Not sure how to play 'licks' or navigate a solo in a strange and foreign tuning? Be not afraid! Vicki will lead you through familiar patterns (6ths, 5ths, 4ths) and scales 

    (Major/Pentatonic) in Open D (DADF#AD) as well as provide you with a strategy to find your way in other tunings.  

  • Fingerpicking FUNdamentals 

    Are you bored with the 1 or 2 fingerpicking patterns you know? 

    Vicki will take you through the basics with several patterns to get you started, then show you some cool examples of how you can take fingerpicking to the next level. 

    You'll leave class with a ton of additional patterns to practice on your own, in order to build 

    dexterity and open your ears to new possibilities.


  •  Chordal Tapping II: Daniele simplifies his seemingly advanced technique of using the right hand combined with the left to get unique two handed chord voicings.
  •  Adding Rhythmic Variety To Your Leads: Giving thought and focus into a much neglected way to make your improv more interesting.


  • Funk Rhythm Guitar:


  • Develop Your Ear: Applying methods to more easily unlock and understand what you hear to be able to accurately duplicate it on your instrument.
  • Music Theory II (Modes): Modes are one of the biggest mysteries for students. This module will help you understand where modes come from how they’re used.
  • Harmonics II: Gretchen will explain harmonics and various ways to manipulate them for an other-worldly, ethereal sound.


  • Finding Your Hook:


Guitar Cloud Symposium (GCS)™ is an online weekend guitar workshop conceived by Jennifer Batten, one of the early graduates of Musicians Institute (MI). Jennifer performed with Michael Jackson for ten years and British Guitar icon Jeff Beck for three years, with decades of global touring experience. Through her versatility, creativity, and innovation, Jennifer continues to push the boundaries in performance and education.

GCS was inspired by a weekend Musicians Institute symposium that Batten attended (which resulted in her eventual application to enter the school).  In 2016, she toured the United States presenting her “Self Empowerment for the Modern Musician” seminar, which was jam-packed with content she wished SHE had been taught in music school and wants all musicians to know.  

Guitar Cloud Symposium is an extension of that seminar, vastly expanded by a wealth of knowledge & creative contributions from some of her favorite guitar players on the scene today.  Each edition is a smorgasbord of techniques, styles, wisdom, and fun!  Our instructors include Jennifer Batten, Nili Brosh, Vicki Genfan, Jude Gold, Daniele Gottardo, Gretchen Menn, and Angela Petrilli, all offering insights gained from their personal experiences (onstage and in-studio) as well as musical subjects they're  passionate about.